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ECAC's priorities to fulfill its mission are threefold: to act as a pan-European aviation think-tank, to support its Member States in developing harmonised pan-European positions and solutions and to serve as a centre of expertise. ECAC also acts as a forum for joint discussions between Europe and other regions or States, promoting understanding on policy matters between its Member States and other regions of the world.



ECAC adopts fourth edition of ECAC Doc 29 on the Standard Method of Computing Noise Contours around Civil Airports

On 7 December, during their 147th Directors General meeting, ECAC States endorsed the latest version of ECAC Doc 29. This is the fourth edition of the "Report on Standard Method of Computing Noise Contours around Civil Airports" since it was originally developed by the AIRMOD group in 1986.

This new version is the outcome of four years of work by the AIRMOD and the ANCAT working groups. Its main purposes are:

  • to reflect and incorporate the scientific progress achieved since the previous edition;

  • to improve the clarity of the 3rd edition of Volumes 1 and 2 to prevent any variations of interpretations, and;

  • to include the first part of a new Volume 3. This addition aims at creating a verification process in order to assist software developers in developing noise models in compliance with the best-practice methodology set out in Volume 2.

The first edition of ECAC Doc 29 was described as a 'best practice' methodology aiming at harmonising the method for establishing noise contours at airports throughout ECAC States.

A revised second edition, also elaborated by AIRMOD, was released in 1997.

The third edition was released in 2005 after the second edition was deemed obsolete for noise modelling specialists, too theoretical for potential users, and the guidance providing too little advice on the practical application of the methodology. The third edition was supported by an online Aircraft and Noise Performance (ANP) database, applicable to any airport scenario.

It comprised two volumes, which have been updated in the fourth Edition, although their purposes remain unchanged:  

  • Volume 1 explains, non-technically, the principles, applications and limitations of aircraft noise contour modelling, the modelling options and the precautions necessary to ensure that valid results are produced reliably and cost-effectively.
  • Volume 2 provides a detailed description of the algorithms required to generate a computer programme for the calculation of aircraft noise exposure at airports.


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