Based in Paris, ECAC is Europe's largest and longest-standing aviation organisation and is part of the ICAO air transport global community. Its mission is the promotion of the continued development of a safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system. It plays a key role in supporting its forty-four Member States as they address issues affecting the European civil aviation sector, in particular in relation to safetysecurity, facilitationenvironmenttrainingeconomic and legal matters.

ECAC's priorities to fulfill its mission are threefold: to act as a pan-European aviation think-tank, to support its Member States in developing harmonised pan-European positions and solutions and to serve as a centre of expertise. ECAC also acts as a forum for joint discussions between Europe and other regions or States, promoting understanding on policy matters between its Member States and other regions of the world.



Last meeting of 2016 for ECAC Directors General

ECAC Directors General held their one hundred and forty-seventh meeting on 7 December in Paris. Their third gathering of the year mainly focused on reviewing the outcome of the 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly against Europe's objectives.

First, they looked into the results of the ICAO Council elections. They praised the enlargement of the ICAO Council and the Air Navigation Commission adopted during the Assembly. They assessed Europe's achievements in various fields, highlighting the adoption of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) as the Assembly's main achievement. 

The meeting reiterated Europe's commitment to provide technical assistance to non-EU ECAC Member States and States in other regions in order to support the CORSIA implementation. It agreed that the good cooperation with international partners and other regional organisations had enabled Europe's success in achieving its objectives. Directors General also considered the European co-ordination during the Assembly, shared lessons learned and identified areas for improvement and some proposals to address them.

Directors General also considered the status of implementation of ECAC's 2016 Work Programme. In the field of environment, the meeting adopted the fourth edition of ECAC Doc 29, «Report on Standard Method of Computing Noise Contours around Civil Airports». In the field of facilitation, the meeting adopted a general update of ECAC Doc 30, Part I on facilitation. In the security field, the revised terms of reference and rules of procedures for ECAC security groups were also adopted by Directors General. And in the safety field, an amendment to the Code of Conduct on Cooperation in the Field of Accident/Incident Investigation was adopted. ECAC Directors General will reconvene in spring 2017.



 ECAC News No 60   News Point No 2017/01



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