Päivi Jämsä - Finland


Päivi Jämsä has worked in aviation since 2008. She has negotiated numerous air services agreements (ASAs) worldwide bilaterally as the chief negotiator, as well as other international aviation agreements. She also participates in EU negotiations. 

She is active in national, EU, ECAC and ICAO aeropolitical affairs. In addition to being deputy chair of ECAC's Economic Working Group, she participates actively in ICAO's Air Transport Regulation Panel and represents Finland on economic matters in the ICAO Assembly.

Prior to concentrating on aeropolitical issues, she worked in various aviation fields including safety, security, airspace, licensing and registration within the current multimodal transport agency (CAA) and its predecessors.

Päivi graduated in 2008 from the University of Helsinki earning a Master of Laws, with her master’s thesis focusing on arbitration. She centred her studies on international law and languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Japanese, French and Russian.


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