Jan Malawko - University of Warsaw

Jan Malawko - University of Warsaw


Jan Malawko graduated from the Faculty of Aeronautics. Has been working on various expert, managerial and advisory positions in the aviation industry, including airplane manufacture, airline, airport and civil aviation authority. As director of LOT Network Planning, he implemented Warsaw Hub operations concept. In 2003, as director of the airport department of the Polish CAA, he introduced the ICAO airport certification process. During the period 2005-2010, as a GM for airport safety and SMS, he led the safety supervision during Warsaw Airport’s major expansion construction works, and chaired the airport runway safety team and the airport incidents investigation team. Recently he held the position of airport focal point as a member of EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Commission. Currently, he works as an assistant professor at the at University of Warsaw, Interdisciplinary Centre of Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM).

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