William Todts - Transport & Environment

William Todts - Transport & Environment


William is the Executive Director of T&E, steering the organisation to promote, at EU and global level, policy that ensures cleaner, safer, smarter transport. He joined the organisation in 2011. As climate and freight director, William has led the campaign to regulate CO2 emissions from trucks in Europe for the first time. He also campaigned successfully to get cleaner and safer trucks on European roads as well as for the 95 gramme CO2 emissions target that new cars must achieve by 2021.

A Belgian native, William studied history at KU Leuven and European studies at ULB, Brussels, and the University of Geneva. He started his career in Brussels working for a MEP, after which he joined Belgium's EU presidency team to help negotiate the first CO2 standards for vans. In his spare time he is a 'cyclo-path' for two-wheeled transport and at weekends can be found cycling one of the city's 'green ways'. William also enjoys reading about classical antiquity especially Rome. He speaks Dutch, English, French and German.

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