UAS Bulletin #2 - December 2021

Foreword to the second edition of the UAS Bulletin

Dear readers,

I am delighted to present the second edition of the ECAC UAS Bulletin. This edition is dedicated to U-space, the system implemented in Europe for unmanned traffic management (UTM).

Following the industry’s tremendous development in recent years, the need for a system to support the safe and efficient integration and management of UAS into airspace has become essential. In Europe, this system is called U-space and it is based on establishing U-space airspaces in which a minimum and mandatory set of services will be provided. This edition of the UAS Bulletin will first address the purpose of U-space, and secondly what the UAS traffic management system consists of.

Likewise, for the development and safe deployment of U-space, it is essential to have appropriate regulations that will support this new system and its integration into the air traffic management (ATM) system. In this issue, we will review the new EU U-space regulatory framework adopted in April 2021, as well as the different aspects it regulates.

Another objective is to give visibility to the main U-space initiatives taken by some ECAC Member States. I would like to personally thank these States for sharing this information and for their collaboration on this second edition.

Finally, we will look at the most relevant activities being carried out by the United States for the development and deployment of its own UTM system.


Raúl Medina Caballero

DGCA Spain


What is U-space?

The new EU regulatory framework for U-space

U-space applications

Below, ECAC Member States share information with readers on the initiatives and measures they have taken on U-space, and the progress made.

Main initiatives by ECAC Member States






Initiatives by European organisations


Measures taken by our strategic partners

United States

A new ECAC Focal Point for UAS

Message from Raúl Medina Caballero (DGCA Spain), former ECAC Focal Point for UAS

Message from Elisabeth Landrichter (DGCA Austria), the new ECAC Focal Point for UAS

Publications on unmanned aircraft systems

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