This catalogue describes the capacity-building activities which can be delivered under the EU-funded and ECAC-implemented CASE Project. 

It is aimed at presenting in an exhaustive manner the scope of activities which can be offered under the CASE Project to current and potential Partner States.

While the range of potential activities is quite large, only those included in this document can be delivered under the CASE Project, as any others would not fit within the terms of reference of the Project.

The catalogue is organised in two parts: firstly regional activities (e.g. workshops) and then national activities, i.e. those which are to the benefit of one given Partner State, based on its own specific priorities. Each priority is itself broken down into four components in order to focus on the true nature and aim of the activity: 1) mentoring, 2) training, 3) coaching and 4) risk management. 

This classification is mainly for the purpose of visibility, as any one given activity may usually fall under multiple categories. For instance, the mentoring activity dedicated to counter-MANPADS has a strong training component, since it consists of "training future trainers". Similarly, the risk assessment activities have an additional coaching component, since they are joint activities, i.e. with an expert from the national authorities as part of the team of assessors/auditors.  

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