ECAC Regional Workshop

on CORSIA implementation

Istanbul, 13-14 December 2018

Organised in partnership with the German Environment Agency, and in cooperation with ICAO, and hosted by the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation.


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The workshop was held at:

Turkish Civil Aviation Academy (TCAA)
Atatürk Caddesi Yesilköy Mahallesi Bakirköy


 About the workshop 

The ECAC CORSIA regional workshop was organised in the framework of the ECAC Bratislava Declaration. In announcing the 44 ECAC Member States' commitment to implement CORSIA from the start, the ECAC Bratislava Declaration has positively contributed to the credibility of the voluntary approach in the initial phases of CORSIA and thus to the historic agreement reached at the 39th ICAO Assembly.

This regional commitment was possible thanks to ECAC States' additional commitment to strive to address any future needs that may arise from States requiring technical assistance and capacity building, in order to stand ready for implementation of the CORSIA scheme.

The workshop has been organised in a common endeavour by Turkey, Germany and ECAC, and in cooperation with ICAO, to provide tailored support in the implementation of CORSIA to ECAC Member States not belonging to the European Union, nor Iceland or Norway.


 Programme in brief 

  • Opening and general introduction to CORSIA
  • Administrative duties for States and State authorities
    • Monitoring provisions of CORSIA
    • Reporting provisions of CORSIA
    • Verification provisions of CORSIA
  • CORSIA Implementation
    • Experiences from the national implementation of EU ETS in Germany
    • Status of implementation in participating States
    • Next steps in national implementation
  • Concluding session


 Target audience  

The workshop was open to participants from ECAC Member States that do not belong to the European Union, Iceland or Norway.

The target audience:  experts from the State administering authorities responsible for implementing CORSIA and for establishing the scheme's infrastructure in their own country, noting that the workshop will focus on the monitoring reporting and verification (MRV) requirements placed on States in the CORSIA SARPs.

Attendance was limited to 25 people all of whom should belong to the above target audience.



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The workshop was conducted in English.