Following the Agreement signed between EUROCONTROL and ECAC on 26.03.2020, with effect from 01.04.2020, concerning the provision by EUROCONTROL of administrative services to ECAC, EUROCONTROL has become the hosting organisation for staff previously belonging to the ECAC Secretariat. 

Within this context, EUROCONTROL is conducting the recruitment for ECAC posts, namely posts that are funded exclusively from the budget of the ECAC Secretariat. Vacancies published within this context concern ECAC posts for which the successful candidates will be administratively assigned to the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre in Brétigny-sur-Orge and seconded to the ECAC Secretariat, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

All vacancies within ECAC are posted on the EUROCONTROL website: https://jobs.eurocontrol.int/ecac-vacancies/


11 vacancies

(location: ECAC Secretariat, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)

Closing date:
ECAC Deputy Executive Secretary NOC-ECAC-2020-AD/249 12/08/2020
ECAC Administrative Assistant NOC-ECAC-2020-FGII/246 22/07/2020
ECAC Aviation Security Specialist (CASE II Project) NOC-ECAC-2020-FGIV/245 22/07/2020
ECAC Aviation Security Specialist (CASE II Project) NOC-ECAC-2020-FGIV/244 22/07/2020
ECAC Project Management Assistant (CASE II Project) NOC-ECAC-2020-FGIII/247 22/07/2020
ECAC Security Equipment Specialist (CEP) NOC-ECAC-2020-FGIV/248 22/07/2020
ECAC Accounting Assistant NOC-ECAC-2020-FGII/242 08/07/2020
ECAC Accounting Assistant (CASE II Project) NOC-ECAC-2020-FGII/243 08/07/2020
ECAC Aviation Security Coordinator NOC-ECAC-2020-AD/239 08/07/2020
ECAC Aviation Security Manager (CASE II Project) NOC-ECAC-2020-AD/240 08/07/2020
ECAC Project Manager (CASE II Project) NOC-ECAC-2020-AD/241 08/07/2020