ECAC Environmental Forum


The ECAC Environmental Forum, chaired by a representative of an ECAC Member State, aims at ensuring the sharing of information and best practices throughout ECAC Member States, building capacity, hosting and fostering debate, and ensuring dialogue with stakeholders from industry and environmental NGOs.

It reports and provides feedback to EPMG. The Forum comprises representatives of all ECAC States and European organisations as well as stakeholders. Potentially, non-ECAC Member States, ECAC's sister organisations and bilateral partners could also be invited to attend. 

Additionally, this Forum is the platform for developing capacity-building activities as per the commitment taken by ECAC Member States in the Bratislava Declaration, regarding the implementation of CORSIA, but also regarding aircraft noise modelling (ECAC Doc. 29 4th Edition).

In order to ensure good overall policy coordination in Europe, the agenda is set in close cooperation with the European Commission, in particular for issues involving competencies of the European Union. The Forum meets once or twice a year, according to the needs.

Urs Ziegler (FOCA, Switzerland) is the Chair of the Forum for its second mandate, along a rotational principle. Further details can be found the Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure of the Forum. 

The Environmental Forum is tasked with:

a)     sharing updated information and exchanging views on environment-related issues, including on ICAO activities; on EU regulation in effect or in preparation (sharing of information not interfering with the EU institutional process for consultation); on research and development including within the industry; on progress in scientific knowledge concerning environmental impacts of aviation and impacts on health; on arising concerns and related developments in other fora (UNFCCC, etc.); and on carbon markets, etc.;

b)     sharing best practices on how to address the environmental impacts of aviation;

c)     building capacity, and raising awareness;

d)   presenting ECAC material/documents, such as the updated European guidance for the submission of European Action Plans for emissions reductions.