ECAC has established environment as one of its key priorities, conscious that the environmental impacts of the aviation sector must be mitigated, if aviation is to continue to be successful as an important facilitator of economic growth and prosperity.

Issues related to aviation and the environment are ever-present on the agenda of ECAC DGCA meetings, and also on those of ECAC's high level meetings with regional partners and organisations, and in ECAC's MOUs with them. 

ECAC's Focal Point for Environment Matters is Patrick Gandil, Director General for Civil Aviation for France


Lead responsibility for Environment within the ECAC Secretariat lies with Béatrice Adoléhoumé


Environmental activities at ECAC are currently undertaken by a number of working groups and task forces:


ANCAT: Group of Experts on the Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport (Terms of Reference

MITG: ANCAT's Modelling and Interdependencies Task Group (Terms of Reference

AIRMOD: ANCAT's Modelling and Interdependencies Task Group (Terms of Reference) (revised on 16 February 2016)

EuroCAEP: European Committee for Aviation and Environmental Protection (Terms of Reference) (ICAO)

MBM-CG: The Market-Based Measures (Terms of Reference

ACCAPEG: The Aviation and Climate Change Action Plans Experts Group (Terms of Reference