ECAC legal activities support the works in other fields of civil aviation such as safety, environment and security. 

The Legal Task Force is chaired by Susanna Metsälampi (Finland) and composed of legal experts drawn from Member States. 

Responsibility for legal matters in the ECAC Secretariat lies with the Air Transport Officer, Mara Keller.

Established in 1996, the Legal Task Force examines legal issues and develops proposals on various legal issues related to the role and various activities of ECAC. It mainly performs the following functions:

  • To advise Directors General of Civil Aviation on matters relating to the interpretation and amendment of the ECAC Constitution, the legal status of ECAC and its relationship with other international organisations;
  • To study and make recommendations on matters relating to public international air law;
  • To discuss legal issues relevant to the work of ICAO with a view of facilitating and supporting the participation of ECAC Member States in the legal work of ICAO (e.g., ICAO Legal Committee) as well as coordinating ECAC common positions, where possible and appropriate, including but not limited to the preparation and implementation of international legal instruments (e.g. Conventions, Resolutions) and submit reports and recommendations thereon to Directors General of Civil Aviation; and
  • To discuss other legal issues relevant to the work of ECAC or of interest to ECAC Member States, as appropriate. This includes for example the legal analysis of draft Cooperation Agreements with international partners.

The Legal Task Force holds three meetings per year and reports to Directors General. Consistent with the 2016-2018 Work Programme on legal matters, the Task Force is currently focussing its efforts on the European coordination for the next ICAO Legal Committee session (LC/37, Montreal, 4-7 September 2018). The Legal Task Force also provides legal advice upon requests from ECAC Directors General and other ECAC groups.

Legal Task Force: Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure (February 2015)