Strengthening cooperation between ECAC and regional organisation ACAO

Paris, 20 March — ECAC President Ingrid Cherfils and Acting Executive Secretary Patricia Reverdy met with Director General of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO) Abdennebi Manar on the sidelines of the 2nd ICAO European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) meeting of Directors General in Paris. The two parties discussed their ongoing cooperation and enhancing support among the sister regional organisations.

Kuwait, 24 March — Exchanges between ECAC and ACAO continued later in the month when Ms Cherfils and Ms Reverdy visited Kuwait to meet with Chairman of the General Assembly of ACAO and President of
Civil Aviation of Kuwait, Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Homoud Al-Sabah, who was accompanied by Abdennebi Manar.

The discussions focused on existing and future cooperation between the two regional organisations and events to be jointly organised in the coming years. Ahead of the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly, the two parties exchanged information on their respective priorities in the areas of safety, security, facilitation, the environment and economic matters, and the forthcoming elections of the ICAO Council and the ICAO
Council President.