23rd ECAC Security Forum

The 23rd meeting of the ECAC Security Forum took place in Paris on 9 and 10 March gathering 59 representatives from 29 ECAC Member States, 3 observer countries (Israel, Singapore and the United States) and a number of organisations, among which A4E, ACI EUROPE, AFCAC, EASA, ECA, EEA, EOS, ERA and the European Commission.

The current activities of the ECAC Audit and Capacity Building Programme and the Common Evaluation Process for security equipment were presented during the meeting as well as the status of implementation of two EU-funded ECAC-implemented projects: the CASE Project (Civil Aviation Security in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula), and the EaP-CA Project dedicated to Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Countries.

The meeting also offered participants the opportunity to receive updates on recent achievements and developments in the field of aviation security, and to summarise and discuss the status of implementation of the work programmes of ECAC's security task forces and study groups. During a tour de table, participants provided information on their work priorities for 2017 and the key challenges they face in the implementation of security measures related to ECAC Doc 30.