EaP/CA Project: First training course on best practices for cargo inspectors takes place at Schiphol airport

The EU-funded Project for Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Countries (EaP/CA Projectconducted its first training course on best practices for cargo inspectors at the Royal Marechaussee training centre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands) from 21 to 23 February 2017. 

This three-day activity gave experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine the opportunity to become acquainted with international and European cargo and mail security requirements and best practices in conducting oversight activities in this field.

Through a combination of training techniques, including practical activities, the course was designed to strengthen participants' competencies in audit/inspection techniques applied in cargo and mail security.

Thanks to the kind hospitality of the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands and Swissport International Ltd, participants had the opportunity to conduct practical activities at a cargo (regulated agent) facility in order to develop their expertise in monitoring the implementation of cargo and mail security measures