ECAC environment experts agree on a work plan for updating the ECAC/EU guidelines on State Action Plans in 2024

Videoconference, 12 December 2023 — Members of the ECAC/EU Action Plans for Emissions Reduction (APER) Task Group have reached an agreement on a work plan for 2024 aimed at updating the ECAC/EU guidelines on State Action Plans.

Following a request from Directors General to harmonise the Common Section of European State Action Plans for emissions reductions with the EASA European Aviation and Environmental Report (EAER) to be published in early 2025, the APER Task Group was reactivated to commence work towards revising the ECAC/EU guidelines. The objective is to promote the European approach for updating States Action Plans for CO2 emissions reduction from international aviation. The plan includes close cooperation with EASA and alignment between both processes.

During its 17th meeting, the task group also agreed that a next important step to be taken in early 2024 will be to consider any updates in ICAO Guidance Document 9988, which is currently under revision. Additionally, updating all ECAC focal points for State Action Plans will be on the group’s agenda, along with determining the exact dates for the delivery of the Common Section.
A workshop is scheduled to take place in February 2024.