Strategy, working methods and mid-term planning at the ECAC Security Forum meeting

Paris, 31 January – 1 February 2024 — The meeting of the Security Forum, held in a hybrid format at ECAC’s offices in Paris, focused on refining strategic direction and working methods and crafting its work programme, initially for 2024. 

Through engaging interactive sessions, rapid online surveys and in-depth discussions, the participants reached consensus on priorities to be addressed. Additionally, they identified numerous small, high-impact initiatives designed to promote attendance by Member States at meetings and – given that the Forum usually meets twice each year – drive tangible improvements in the efficient use of meeting time. Eleanor Travers (Ireland) chaired the meeting for the first time assuming the role with effect 22 January 2024 after her extensive tenure leading the Guidance Material Task Force.

Cyber security proposals were considered by the participants, who agreed that extensive coordinated effort by the Study Group on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation was welcome. The Forum will now draft a policy framework that will be used to consolidate Member States’ position on this cross-cutting topic. The policy may also be used as a means of assessing readiness for the comprehensive changes to ECAC Doc 30, Part II (Security) that will be required in due course.

The work programme and priorities will also facilitate alignment between the Forum and other security groups. There are critical issues particularly in security technology that require attention in the global security context, and preparation to meet these challenges requires effectiveness at policy and technical levels. This Forum meeting was an important and significant first step to re-focus, prioritise and deliver.