Joint ECAC and ICAO EUR/NAT information seminar focuses on CORSIA verification

15 June 2022 - The third ECAC CORSIA Information Seminar was organised together with the ICAO EUR/NAT office to support States in preparing their aggregated CO2 emissions data before submission to ICAO by the deadline of 31 July 2022. Bringing together 59 environment specialists, the seminar provided a forum to showcase best practices on CORSIA verification implemented by States so that others could learn from their experience.

ECAC and ICAO provided updates on their respective recent and planned activities. They drew attention to the intense environmental agenda for this year’s ICAO Assembly and for 2023, where the focus is expected to be on promoting sustainable aviation fuels – one of the CORSIA implementation elements – on a global scale.

Representatives from Spain and Malta shared their own practical experience in verifying the emissions data reported by their aircraft operators, a step which must be completed before submitting the data to ICAO. In particular, they explained how they do what is referred to by ICAO as the "Orders of Magnitude Check", an important procedure in the whole CORSIA monitoring, reporting and verification process.