Familiarisation course for Directors General

Videoconference, 12-13 July 2022 — A familiarisation course providing information and key facts on ECAC’s history, organisation and activities was held online in July. Designed for recently appointed Directors General and their team members who coordinate ECAC and other international matters, this 11th run of the course was also open to newly appointed chairs and deputy chairs of ECAC’s working groups, to enable them to become more familiar with all ECAC’s domains of activity. 

The course had a strong focus on explaining the role played by the Directors General in ECAC. Information on ECAC’s budget and finances, communication activities, external relations, including cooperation with regional organisations (ACAO, AFCAC, LACAC, WAEMU) and key international partners, European organisations and industry stakeholders, and on topics which are of particular relevance ahead of the upcoming ICAO Assembly, was also shared. Experts from the ECAC Secretariat joined the meeting to present an overview of the main ECAC activities: security, facilitation (including health matters), environment, safety and accident investigations, economic and legal matters, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).