ECAC organises second and third training courses in 2022 on covert testing

Sofia, 5-7 July 2022 and Vilnius, 17-19 August 2022 — A training course on best practices for covert testing was organised by ECAC in Sofia for national auditors from Albania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, and in Vilnius for national auditors from Austria, Estonia, Lithuania and the Netherlands, with a contribution from an instructor from the United Kingdom at the Sofia event. 

Through theoretical presentations and classroom activities, the participants improved their knowledge of covert testing methodology and competencies in implementing covert tests in various areas of aviation security, gaining practical experience in developing test protocols and implementing covert tests in accordance with the developed protocols and using the recommended approach. Best practices for assessing and mitigating risks related to covert testing, and for selecting and using different categories of tests items, were also reviewed during this three-day activity.

At the Vilnius event, several practical activities, organised at an airport and at the premises of a regulated agent, allowed the participants to improve their knowledge of the testing methodology and to gain practical experience in conducting covert tests to assess the effectiveness of access control to security restricted areas, screening of persons, cabin baggage, items carried as well as screening and protection of cargo and mail.