CEP implements testing of APIDS and EVD, extending the programme to nine categories of security equipment

Videoconference, 8-9 February 2023 — The CEP Management Group, at its 56th meeting, chaired by Gaël Weidmann (STAC, France), agreed on the allocation of test centres nominated by Member States to test two new categories of security equipment approved by Directors General: Automated Prohibited Item Detection Systems (APIDS) and explosive vapour detection (EVD). Testing of EVD and APIDS will be carried out at Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie – ICT (Germany) and The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – TNO (Netherlands), and APIDS testing will also be carried out at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – DSTL (United Kingdom), Federal Police Technology Centre – FPTC (Germany) and the Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile – STAC (France).

Other topics discussed at the meeting included finding a balance between the capacity at participating test centres for testing under the CEP and the requirements for national testing, new rules for the dual-brand regime of the CEP, and enhancing the configuration management system of equipment found to meet an ECAC/EU performance standard.

The group also endorsed the final version of the harmonised protocols for explosive detection systems for cabin baggage (EDSCB) and liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS), which is expected to reduce the time required to deliver the test results.