Getting complex UAS operations off the ground: ECAC workshop on the implementation of U-space and electronic conspicuity

Paris, 13 February 2023 An ECAC workshop on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) brought experts together to examine latest developments and challenges in the fast-developing domain. The workshop was led by the ECAC Focal Point for Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Director General of Civil Aviation for Austria, Elisabeth Landrichter, and attended by points of contact from 11 Member States and from Europe Air Sports.

At the workshop, Member States shared information on developments within different States in the field of UAS. This highlighted recent U-space and other unmanned traffic management systems implementation, and the ongoing effort of States and regulators to enable more complex UAS operations.

Workshop participants discussed the challenges for States, operators and potential U-space service providers in implementing existing regulations to allow UAS operations to develop in specific geographical areas with the use of electronic conspicuity and other technological components of U-space. The potential impact on the general aviation community and air traffic management of lower-level airspace was considered, where it was noted that the integration of UAS operations into airspace used by manned aviation raised questions around the potential change of existing rulesets for accessing the airspace.