Guidance Material Task Force endorses new guidance material

Paris/videoconference, 26-27 April 2023 — The ECAC Guidance Material Task Force (GMTF) endorsed new guidance material on establishing an approved haulier regime for secure air cargo and mail, and a standard air carrier security programme template (updated Doc 30, Part II Annex) at its 58th meeting this month. The task force also discussed two new draft documents on technical innovations and advanced technologies in aviation security, and best practices for the certification or approval of security equipment, as well as nine updated Doc 30 Annexes and Aviation Security Handbook documents. All these documents will be finalised by mid-May through a written consultation procedure.

Having discussed policy and regulatory issues pertaining to cargo and mail security and recent changes to the EU aviation security legislation, the task force agreed to complete six additional tasks in 2023: to develop two new documents on a cargo security programme and on aviation security data retention, and to update four existing documents on cargo security, cabin baggage screening, security of in-flight and airport supplies.