Cooperation and collaboration on UAS matters

Videoconference, 19 October 2023 — National points of contact from 20 ECAC Member States met for the second workshop in 2023 to discuss unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The workshop was opened by the recently appointed ECAC Focal Point for UAS, Mirjana Čizmarov (DGCA Serbia), who emphasised the importance of cooperation and collaboration on UAS matters, particularly given the enormous potential of UAS market growth and the real-life need to promote safe UAS operations.

States reported continued efforts to implement U-Space or other unmanned traffic management (UTM) mechanisms, including addressing highly technical areas such as establishing geographical areas for operations in unique national contexts and the digitalisation of administrative services to address growing demand from operators.

UAS experts also shared insights into important developments in the area of regulations now being implemented to introduce or modify rules and procedures across UAS operations. Participants reflected on how ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) would be applied to open and certified drone categories.

The workshop concluded with a look ahead. Suggestions for topics for the next workshop included counter-drone technologies and practical guidance and operational support in response to cyber-related issues linked to UAS.