ECAC's Focal Point for Training is currently vacant.
Lead responsibility for Training within the ECAC Secretariat lies with Laurent Banitz.



The Istanbul Declaration, which was issued at the end of the Conference held in June 2010, acknowledged ECAC's important role in ensuring that training is given adequate priority in the continued drive for safe, secure and green air transport in Europe.  It agreed that a greater emphasis on competency-based training could best achieve this objective.


ECAC Training Policy

At their December 2010 meeting, ECAC Directors General adopted the ECAC Training Policy that had been developed under the chairmanship of the Focal Point for Training by the High-Level Group on Training Policy (HLGTP) established in September 2010, following a survey on training needs and available training in Member States. This training policy specifies the key principles of ECAC's approach to training and should contribute to promote Europe's vision and standards on training especially vis-à-vis other regions.

Note: In accordance with the ECAC Training Policy, participation in the Network does not mean "approval" or "endorsement" of the training organisation or of its training courses/programmes by ECAC. ECAC neither approves nor endorses any training courses or programmes.


ECAC Network of Training Organisations (TRA-NET)

Directors General agreed in May 2011 with the establishment of the ECAC Network and adopted its Terms of Reference. These Terms of Reference (amended in 2013) address all aspects of the Network, and in particular its objectives, the conditions for membership, and the relationship between the Network and Directors General. Training organisations interested in joining this network are strongly encouraged to contact their national civil aviation authorities, and seek membership in accordance with the procedures defined in the Terms of Reference.

Note: The High Level Group on Training Policy being disbanded on 7 May 2013 (by decision taken at DGCA/140), the Network reports directly to Directors General through the ECAC Focal Point for Training.

Since its creation in 2013, the Network developed the following documents:

  • Forthcoming training needs in Europe
  • Best Practices for the Certification of Trainers
  • The Terms of Reference for the ECAC Network of Training Organisations
  • Minimum qualifications for trainers performing train-the-trainer courses
  • Minimum qualifications for course developers
  • Principles for measuring the quality of training