Plenary (Triennial) Sessions


Most recent Session:

Thirty-Sixth Plenary (Triennial) Session, Strasbourg, 10-11 July 2018

ECAC meets in Plenary (Triennial) Session once every three years at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the birthplace of ECAC. The duration of the meeting is one and a half days and it is typically held in June or July. The last Triennial Session (ECAC/36) was held on 10 and 11 July 2018.

Member State delegations are normally composed of Directors General of Civil Aviation and their senior advisors. Invitations to attend as observers are also extended to all other ICAO Member States, and to regional organisations (e.g. ACAO, AFCAC, LACAC, ECOWAS, WAEMU) and bilateral partners with which ECAC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding. A number of European and international industry organisations are also invited to be present. The President and Secretary General of ICAO also attend the Triennial Sessions, and are invited to give a keynote address. A typical Session would comprise approximately 160 delegates.

The Triennial Session considers reports on the activity of ECAC since the previous Triennial Session, adopts ECAC's work programme and budget for the next three years, adopts recommendations, resolutions, guidelines or other conclusions, and elects the President, the Vice-Presidents and other members of the Coordinating Committee. The agenda may in addition include contributions and reports as appropriate from non-Member States and regional organisations, and recent Triennial Sessions have also provided an opportunity for general debate on an issue selected as being of interest to all of those present.

From time to time, Plenary Sessions are held in between Triennial Sessions if decisions at plenary level are required (for example, on the admission of a new Member State, or approval of documents).



ECAC/36-Report (SD) 
Strasbourg, 10-11 July 2018

ECAC/34-Report (SD) 
Strasbourg, 30 June-1 July 2015