Behaviour Detection Study Group (BDSG)


ECAC established a Behaviour Detection Study Group (BDSG) in 2011 with the aim of facilitating the exchange of information, validation results and best practices among States that have active behaviour detection programmes in place. The study group comprises representatives of States with active behaviour detection programmes in civil aviation.

As the largest forum for States with active behaviour detection operations, the BDSG is uniquely positioned to promote ongoing developments and stimulate cutting-edge research to improve behaviour detection techniques and advise policymakers on innovative developments with potential application to the wider aviation security environment.

The BDSG serves as a platform for scientific cooperation between experts, as well as an arena for States to harmonise policies, promoting ongoing developments and stimulating cutting edge research to improve behaviour detection techniques. As a result of this collaboration, the BDSG has successfully produced common materials and tools intended to influence international dialogue on behavioural techniques, and improve existing national capabilities.

The BDSG main objectives are to:

  • Develop guidelines and best practices on behaviour detection in aviation security;
  • Keep under review international developments and initiatives related to behaviour detection;
  • Develop best practices for the selection, training, and competency assessment of behaviour detection officers;
  • Support Member States wishing to establish their own behaviour detection programme, to the extent possible, through mentoring activities;
  • Exchange information on the implementation of the respective programmes of its members and observers;
  • Exchange information on research and development initiatives, including the development of a method aimed at assessing the efficiency/effectiveness of the behaviour detection technique and its methods of implementation; and
  • Contribute, when necessary, to the works undertaken by ECAC in international fora (e.g. ICAO) by providing relevant information and material.

In November 2016, the Security Programme Management Group adopted the Strategy Paper on Behaviour Detection developed by the BDSG that defines its objectives and goals for the period 2016 – 2020.