Auditors discuss outcomes after resumption of the ECAC Audit Programme

Paris/videoconference, 29-30 August 2023 — The ECAC Certified Aviation Security Auditors Group met to discuss the outcomes following resumption of the ECAC Aviation Security Audit Programme after the COVID-19 outbreak. The group considered the results of the implementation of the programme in 2022-2023, and discussed trends identified to comply with ECAC Doc 30, Part II – Security, and the challenges of restarting the programme. The auditors brainstormed ways to address the challenges and how to promote the programme amongst ECAC’s Member States.

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Preparations for ICAO Conference on Alternative Aviation Fuels pick up pace

Videoconference, 21 August 2023 — The 62nd meeting of the European Aviation and Environment Working Group (Expanded) focused on the next stages of preparations for the ICAO Conference on Alternative Aviation Fuels (CAAF/3) to be held in Dubai from 20 to 24 November 2023. The strategy for preparations for the conference had been agreed by Directors General at their May meeting this year.

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Secretariat welcomes new trainee

Gökberk Benlialper joined the ECAC Secretariat as a trainee in August 2023. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in aviation management from Ozyegin University Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences in Istanbul, Türkiye.

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Optimising ECAC’s work on security technology

Videoconference, 9 August 2023 — The 38th meeting of the Security Programme Management Group explored different options to continue improving and streamlining ECAC’s work on security technology, notably the Common Evaluation Process of security equipment (CEP). Proposals to be presented to the next meeting of Directors General in September will include the reallocation of tasks between the different groups, the streamlining of some processes, and the support and increased transparency on the CEP, all for better efficiency.

Republic of Moldova receives on-site training on sustainable aviation fuels

Chisinau, 26-27 July 2023 — The content and recommendations from the ECAC Guidance on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) published in February 2023 were the focus of the fourth tailored SAF training activity provided to an ECAC Member State and hosted on this occasion by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova.

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Mid-term review of ECAC work programme and budget, and preparations for next triennium

Videoconference, 18 July 2023 — The ECAC Medium-Term Objectives (EMTO) Task Force meeting focused on the mid-term review of the 2022-2024 work programme and the beginning of the process for developing the budget and work programme for 2025-2027. The task force drew a number of lessons from the experience of the current work programme so that they can be taken into account in the 2025-27 triennium, including consistency of approach between the various domains in ECAC’s work.

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