ECAC supports and welcomes diversity, equity and inclusion programmes in aviation

An ECAC survey on diversity, equity and inclusion was issued in June to the civil aviation administrations of the 44 ECAC Member States. The purpose of this survey is to collect information on the state of play in the civil aviation administrations, and to use the results to identify and share good practices among all Member States. Other diversity-related initiatives have also been launched by the ECAC Secretariat; these include an e-library available to Directors General comprising multiple resources on diversity topics, and reference documents – such as national strategies, European policies, studies and articles – on diversity, equity, inclusion, and mentoring programmes.

Joint ECAC and ICAO EUR/NAT information seminar focuses on CORSIA verification

15 June 2022 - The third ECAC CORSIA Information Seminar was organised together with the ICAO EUR/NAT office to support States in preparing their aggregated CO2 emissions data before submission to ICAO by the deadline of 31 July 2022. Bringing together 59 environment specialists, the seminar provided a forum to showcase best practices on CORSIA verification implemented by States so that others could learn from their experience.

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Recurrent training and recertification of ECAC auditors

Paris, 23-24 June 2022 - The ECAC Secretariat organised a Recurrent Training and Recertification of ECAC Auditors workshop with a view to resuming the ECAC Audit Programme in the fourth quarter 2022 and in response to Member States' requests for security audits.

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Security Programme Management Group discusses the evolution of the CEP

23 June 2022 - The CEP roadmap 2022-2024 developed by the CEP Management Group over the past months was endorsed at the recent meeting of the ECAC Security Programme Management Group, chaired by Gunnar Ljungberg (DGCA Sweden) in his capacity as ECAC Focal Point for Security. The roadmap will now be presented to Directors General for adoption at their next meeting in Sorrento (DGCA/71(SP), 25-27 August 2022). CEP funding was also discussed, with the objective of ensuring the CEP long-term sustainability.

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