ECAC takes actions on diversity and inclusion in civil aviation

Videoconference, 27 and 28 February 2023 In response to requests from several Member States and as agreed by Directors General in December 2022, the ECAC Secretariat has launched capacity-building activities on diversity matters with the objective of promoting a better understanding of diversity and inclusion good practices in the work environment. Among these initiatives is a diversity training course consisting of three sessions that will be held online in February-March 2023 addressing topics on diversity, equity, inclusion and unconscious bias. The first session was organised on 27 February.

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Behaviour detection experts discuss work programme

Videoconference, 22-23 February 2023 — The Behaviour Detection Study Group held its first meeting of 2023 to discuss the progress made in completing the tasks under its 2023 work programme. Tasks discussed included drafting common standards for research into the effectiveness of behaviour detection programmes and the use of artificial intelligence in behaviour detection, best practices for red teaming in the field of behaviour detection, and mentoring activities with interested Member States on behaviour detection. The study group will also update an existing ECAC Aviation Security Handbook document on behaviour detection in aviation security in 2023.

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ECAC-ICAO EUR/NAT regional workshop on assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families, Milan

Milan, 20 February 2023 — The joint ECAC-ICAO EUR/NAT regional workshop on assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families brought together 80 aviation experts from 29 States to discuss effective ways to better address the needs of those impacted by aircraft accidents. The event was held on 20 February, the International Day Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families.

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Basic Aviation Security Training for Member States

Videoconference, 15-17 February 2023 — An online Basic Aviation Security Training course presenting an overview of the key aviation security measures in ECAC Doc 30, Part II – Security, and the security technologies used for screening, was conducted by the ECAC Secretariat on 15-17 February for national auditors and other representatives of the appropriate authorities of Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. A security expert from Cyprus contributed as an instructor.

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First meeting of the Technical Task Force in 2023

Videoconference, 15-16 February 2023 — The Technical Task Force (TTF) held its first meeting of the year to summarise the outcomes of its 2022 activities and agree on a roadmap of tasks for 2023, as proposed by the TTF study groups. The work programme includes the development of new technology standards, other updates to Doc 30, Part II – Security in the technological field, and an update of the common testing methodologies used in the ECAC Common Evaluation Process (CEP) of security equipment. The group was also briefed by equipment manufacturers on their research and development achievements, focused on the possibilities of combined technology solutions for detecting prohibited items.