The following sections provide information on the equipment that has been evaluated as meeting an ECAC/EU performance standard. The lists for all CEP equipment types can be downloaded via the links provided in the table below. Please note that the evaluation made, and the performance standard attributed, are valid only for the configuration(s) of the equipment indicated in the table. These lists will be updated regularly, usually on a quarterly basis, as test results are analysed and endorsed by the CEP Management Group.  

Note: This evaluation does not constitute an approval or certification of the equipment by ECAC. Approval or certification of equipment remains the responsibility of the Appropriate Authority for aviation security in each ECAC Member State.


Category of security equipment Last update Link
Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)  30 September 2020   
Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS)  20 November 2020   
Security Scanners (SSc)    20 November 2020   
Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) equipment  28 September 2020   
Metal Detection Equipment (MDE)  26 October 2016   
Explosive Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage (EDSCB)  21 October 2020   
Walk-through Metal Detection (WTMD) equipment  05 December 2020   


 Information and Guidance for Equipment Manufacturers

Security equipment manufacturers requiring further information about the CEP, or wishing to apply for testing, should click here (RESTRICTED access) using the appropriate login and password. Representatives of equipment manufacturers who require access rights are invited to contact cep@ecac-ceac.org.