ECAC Coordinating Committee spring meeting focuses on communication and strategy

25 March - A busy meeting of the ECAC Coordinating Committee had a strong focus on communication, agreeing the need for a clear joint message on the response to the COVID crisis and the development of exit strategies from current travel restrictions, as well as agreeing the submission of the new ECAC Communication Strategy to Directors General, and welcoming the development of the new ECAC website (

Among a wide range of other topics before the meeting, Coordinating Committee members agreed to amendments to the strategy document ECAC's Strategy for the Future – A Policy Statement to be submitted to Directors General. In order to keep all ECAC key reference documents relevant and up to date, it requested the ECAC Medium-Term Objectives Task Force (EMTO) to review all such documents at least every three years.

The meeting endorsed the broad objectives and scope of the new ECAC environment capacity-building programme, which will now be presented with a plan of activities to Directors General in May.

The meeting also dealt with practical considerations for the next ECAC Triennial Session (12-13 July 2021), the strengthening of some personal data protection measures, and the establishment of a new cross-disciplinary European coordination group on aviation cyber security matters.