Bratislava Declaration
Declaration of Directors General of Civil Aviation of EU Member States and the other Member States of the European Civil Aviation Conference: adhering to the GMBM from the start
September 2016

Recommendation ECAC/35-1 
Mutual acceptance by ECAC Member States of airworthiness certificates or "permits to fly" of certain historical aircrafts 
May 2016

Resolution ECAC/34-1 
Authority of the Executive Secretary in managing the ECAC budget
July 2015

Recommendation ECAC/32-1 (called ECAC/27-4 Second Edition) 
NOx emission classification scheme
January 2012

Recommendation ECAC/29-1 
ECAC-wide application of the community list of carriers subject to an operating ban
July 2006 

Recommendation ECAC/29-2 
Prevention of the spread of communicable diseases by means of air travel
July 2006 

Recommendation ECAC/28-1 
Air passenger health issues
April 2005

Recommendation ECAC/27-3 
Methodology for emissions calculations
July 2003

Guidance Material on ECAC Methodology for Emissions Calculations
Attachment to Recommendation ECAC/27-3Methodology for emissions calculations

Recommendation ECAC/27-2 
Recertification to Chapter 3 and treatment of aircraft with existing Chapter 3 certification
July 2003

Recommendation ECAC/27-1 
Inclusion of environmental aspects in air services agreements
July 2003

Resolution ECAC/25-1 
Minimum level of insurance cover for passenger and third-party liability
(As modified by DGCA/117 on 27 November 2002)

Resolution ECAC/24-1 
ECAC Code of Conduct for Computer Reservation Systems
June 2000 

Recommendation ECAC/24-1 
Noise charges and rebates
June 2000 

Recommendation ECAC/22-1 
Recommendation on the safety of foreign aircraft
(Superseding Recommendation ECAC/21-2) - July 1998

Recommendation ECAC/21-1 
Recommendation on leasing of aircraft
July 1997 

Recommendation ECAC/19-1 
Recommendation on consumer information/protection needs in connection with code-shared air services
June 1996 

Recommendation ECAC/15-4 
Participation in aviation accident and serious incident investigations
July 1993 

Recommendation ECAC/15-3 
Procedures for obtaining readout of flight recorders when conducting aviation accident and serious incident investigations
July 1993

Recommendation ECAC/15-2 
Notification of aviation accidents and serious incidents
July 1993

Recommendation ECAC/15-1 
Objective of aviation accident and incident investigations
July 1993

Recommendation ECAC INT.S/11-1 
Mutual acceptance of air worthiness certificates of homebuilt aircraft
June 1980