Based in Paris, ECAC is Europe's largest and longest-standing aviation organisation and is part of the ICAO air transport global community. Its mission is the promotion of the continued development of a safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system. It plays a key role in supporting its forty-four Member States as they address issues affecting the European civil aviation sector, in particular in relation to safetysecurity, facilitationenvironmenttrainingeconomic and legal matters.

ECAC's priorities to fulfill its mission are threefold: to act as a pan-European aviation think-tank, to support its Member States in developing harmonised pan-European positions and solutions and to serve as a centre of expertise. ECAC also acts as a forum for joint discussions between Europe and other regions or States, promoting understanding on policy matters between its Member States and other regions of the world.


 ECAC News No 60   News Point No 2017/01



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