ECAC Medium-Term Objectives (EMTO) Task Force

In the light of institutional developments and new strategic orientations in civil aviation at both the European and international levels, the ECAC Medium-Term Objectives (EMTO) Task Force ensures that ECAC maintains efficient working methods and adapts to new challenges.

In recent years, the Coordinating Committee and Directors General regularly gave specific mandates to the EMTO Task Force to support their own activities and strategic discussions.

As a consequence, the EMTO Task Force has become instrumental in preparing key documents for the organisation, such as the ECAC work programme and ECAC budget, and in assessing the implementation of the work programme and the performance of ECAC's working groups. 

The continuous evolution of the role and tasks of the EMTO Task Force called for a review of its 2011 Terms of Reference (TORs), which was done in April 2016 by the Coordinating Committee. According to these TORs, the EMTO Task Force has the mandate to:

  • conduct a mid-term assessment of performance against the ECAC work programme, including a review of the implementation of the external relations objectives and actions, and to evaluate the efficacy of these relations;
  • assess the implementation of the previous work programme, based on the analysis received from the Focal Points, chairs and the ECAC Secretariat;
  • develop proposals for the work programme for the next triennium;
  • develop proposals for the ECAC budget for the next triennium and review the use of the budget for the current triennium;
  • prepare proposals in respect of the organisation's future relationships with other European aviation organisations, with ECAC's sister regional bodies and existing/future potential bilateral partners, and with aviation industry and other stakeholders, including consumer and environmental organisations; and
  • periodically review "ECAC's Strategy for the Future - A Policy Statement" and "ECAC's External Relations Policy Statement". 

Member States represented on the Coordinating Committee may each designate one representative to become a member of EMTO. The chair may at his or her own initiative invite additional experts to join EMTO, on the basis of their personal knowledge and specific expertise, to contribute to the discussions of the task force.