Aviation security is a core activity of the European Civil Aviation Conference. ECAC's work in this area focuses on ensuring security measures are in place to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

Aviation security measures are described in ECAC Doc 30, Part II, a policy statement adopted by all 44 ECAC Member States.

It includes security provisions at national and airport level in addition to specific baseline measures for securing airports, aircraft, passengers, cabin baggage, hold baggage, cargo and mail, in-flight supplies and airport supplies. Provisions on in-flight security, ATM and cyber security and the management of threats and hijackings are also included in Doc 30, Part II. 

The ECAC work programme for security matters is delivered by an organisational structure which was established in 2006. It ensures an efficient delivery of the tasks as well as an optimal use of national expertise in the technical and operational field. 

This structure includes a Security Forum (SF) and three task forces: the Guidance Material Task Force (GMTF), the Technical Task Force (TTF) and the Training Task Force (TrTF).

Several study groups are also established to support the work of these task forces, membership of which includes Member States, observer States and stakeholder organisations (e.g. European Commission, IATA and ACI EUROPE), as appropriate.

ECAC security organisational structure

ECAC Security - Organisational Structure

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